About Us

The Cavendish Impact Foundation’s (CIF) mission is to accelerate innovation through support of disruptive and scalable companies in health, and to promote inclusive entrepreneurship.

How do we do this? Supported by donors with a passion for accelerating impact in health and life science, and guided by the donors specific interests in specific areas of health, CIF identifies and allocates funds to early-stage companies that have game-changing technologies focused on an unmet need.

Eighty percent of health-focused research never leaves the lab. When it does, many of the companies don’t make it past the early stages of development, as funding is scarce. Many of these companies succumb to the “Valley of Death”… the period of development while the companies are building their infrastructure and working on proof of concept… prior to being attractive to a broad pool of investors. CIF helps fill this funding gap by focusing on companies in this stage of their development, providing funding so they can build their operations, attract additional capital, and accelerate commercialization.

CIF also is focused on promoting and supporting inclusive entrepreneurship. We do this, in part, through our Women Leaders in Health Innovation Initiative. Women entrepreneurs receive less than 3 percent of venture capital funding. This inequity in the ability of women entrepreneurs to raise capital makes it extremely difficult for them to bring their innovations to market. This is despite multiple studies showing that women-led companies are as, or more, successful than those led by men. CIF believes that diversity drives innovation, and innovation suffers when 50 percent of the population is denied access to capital. CIF makes it a priority to seek out and support high-quality, women-led companies with transformative health-focused technologies addressing unmet needs.