Our Mission

The Cavendish Impact Foundation aims to solve complex problems, accelerate innovations, alleviate human suffering, address inequities, promote entrepreneurial women, people of color, and veterans; and to improve the quality of life through evergreen investments in disruptive and scalable companies in health, education, and global sustainability.


Supporting leaders, projects, companies and organizations

The Foundation will identify, recognize and invest in all areas of positive impact, especially in visionary projects and individuals who may not otherwise receive the financial support they need to solve a global human problem and achieve disruptive impact.


Direct Investment

At the request of our donors, outstanding early-stage companies with strong potential for long-term growth and impact may receive direct investment through a merit-based selection process. Investment profits will be returned to the Foundation’s pooled, evergreen Impact Fund, to be reinvested in the next generation of outstanding companies and organizations.


Donor-Advised Impact

The Foundation provides a Donor-Advised Impact Investment Platform

for philanthropists and private individuals seeking to invest in companies providing social and environmental impact.