We live in amazing times! We are surrounded by great breakthrough discoveries, a thriving intellectual curiosity, open and passionate conversations about bettering our world, while also being equipped with the resources necessary to advance the betterment of all individuals. 

Yet, we still face many challenges. Children are dying from rare diseases, while potential treatments are sitting on the shelf, due to an economic model that does not support their development. Despite a crisis in mental health in the US, with one in four Americans suffering from a diagnosable mental illness, our pharmaceutical industry has failed to develop more than a handful of novel psychiatric drugs in the last 30 years. And, we have an aging population which will be overwhelming our care systems, yet talented entrepreneurs developing innovative technologies that will improve quality of life and prolong independence lack the early-stage funding that’s essential for their commercialization.

It is staggering to observe just how much research, how many promising innovations, and how many bright entrepreneurs are sidelined by financial and organizational hurdles, while so many unmet medical needs remain. Similarly, an abundance of idling wealth sits at the center of our global economy. 

We disagree with this status quo. In creating the Cavendish Impact Foundation, we created a conduit to deliver philanthropic capital to support extraordinary innovations, catalytic ideas, and visionary leaders.

Along with harnessing the talent and tools of the Cavendish community, we have established partnerships with leading philanthropic, investment, research and industry organizations, in our mission to identify the most innovative treatments and technologies and support them on their path to commercialization.

Through allocating philanthropic capital, we are catalyzing philanthropy to disrupt the status quo. We are accelerating impact by supporting the innovator entrepreneurs who are working to address the world’s most taxing unmet medical needs. It is our intent to leave our world better than we found it, and we hope you’ll join us in this pursuit.


The Cavendish Impact Foundation Board of Directors