A Cornerstone of the Cavendish Community

The idea of a Cavendish Impact Foundation emerged shortly after the launch of Cavendish Global, in 2013. The concept of building an ecosystem where impact investors and philanthropists could rally their resources to support conspicuous innovations and organizations required a multi-faceted approach to attracting and deploying capital, including a non-profit charitable foundation.

Drafted by founders J. Michael Moffat and Richard Lipkin, the Foundation would be a new entity in which philanthropic capital would be mobilized and deployed to support transformational ideas. 

In 2017, the Foundation officially launched with an announcement at the February Cavendish Health Impact Forum in San Diego, California.

Today, Cavendish Impact Foundation is an organization that supports early-stage companies that are working to address critical unmet medical needs. CIF has relationships with a wide range of organizations globally, including venture capital, philanthropy and impact funds, family offices, foundations and leading scientific and medical research centers. CIF identifies and supports companies developing some of the most cutting-edge, imaginative and potentially impactful advances in medical science today.

As the Foundation grows along with the entire Cavendish community, it continues to offer individuals and organizations the opportunity to collaborate in supporting conspicuous individuals, projects and organizations, through a unique philanthropic approach, impacting current innovations and laying the seeds to support future innovation.