Addressing our world’s unmet needs.

We are working to accelerate innovations in health, education, and global sustainability, and promoting inclusive entrepreneurship.

Disrupting the status-quo in supporting impactful work.

Innovative entrepreneurs with world-changing ideas and promising young companies are unable to realize their visions without accessible capital. Funding for early-stage companies is often difficult to obtain, impatient, and expensive. There is a significant funding gap between grants for research and for-profit investment leading to commercialization.

We help fill the funding gap.

We allocate philanthropic capital to transformative companies, enabling them to build their operations, attract additional capital, and accelerate commercialization.

Supported by our donors with a passion for accelerating impact in health and life sciences, and guided by the donor’s specific areas of interest in health, CIF identifies and allocates funds in early-stage companies we identify as having game-changing technologies focused on unmet medical needs.